10 Business Goals You Need For The New Year

If you are setting goals for the new year in the second week of December, then you, my darling, are not proactive enough. For brands and businesses, the month of December should be for reviewing the past activities of the year, re-strategising for the next year, balancing your books, creating a budget for next year and so much more. What the next year holds is at the top of every entrepreneur’s mind, given that Nigeria is still recovering from a recession. I’m sharing ten goals to bear in mind to push both entrepreneurs and career folk to the next level next year.

  1. Improve your understanding of which market strategies yield the most profit for your company.
  2. Analyse your market to better evaluate the expectations of your customers and how to satisfy them.
  3. Develop strategy that will convert more leads to sales by breaking the barriers between sales and marketing.
  4. Network and get more involved in your industry.
  5. Stay informed about new technology that will keep you connected to clients.
  6. Launch an important, valuable project for your company.
  7. Identify and understand trends that would affect and change  your industry in the next few years and plan ahead for it.
  8. Incorporate lessons learned from the past year into next year.
  9. Learn to delegate, stop micro-managing.
  10. Give something back to your community.

I’m trying to keep the articles shorter and more straightforward, so there you have it. You can focus on all or just a few of these goals, as it applies to you. If you want to talk about your business or career, or even how to go about incorporating these goals into your strategy, email me at: tolani@tolanithomas.com.



5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Business

Recently, I have been speaking with several entrepreneurs and noting the issues that are common to new entrepreneurs. These issues revolve around keeping their finances in order, social media management and are as simple as just having someone to consult with on how to run their business more efficiently. I compiled a list of five ways entrepreneurs can improve their businesses.



Social media management can be a hassle, even for those who are social media mavens, its almost a full time job running your social media alongside your business. Publishing individual social media content in real time is a massive time drain and a recipe for low engagement. By signing up for Hootsuite, you can manage multiple social profiles from a single dashboard. Schedule posts, track mentions, engage with followers, and measure the effectiveness of your social media content, at zero cost. It’s the ultimate tool for keeping your social media accounts in harmony.

I recommend Hootsuite to clients, especially those that are not conversant with social media, it puts all your social media on one page, making it easier to run.


Wave App

This free accounting software is a good solution for small businesses with a small budget. I use this app to create and send invoices and keep track of my transactions for my business. Wave offers customised and branded online invoicing templates and tools to provide a fast, accurate and convenient way to send and receive bills, all you have to do is upload your logo and details, and voila! Professional looking invoices at your fingertips.

By providing access to capital (Lending), improving cash flow (Payments), delivering money to employees (Payroll), helping businesses get paid (Invoicing), preparing for tax time and providing business insights (Accounting, Receipts), Wave covers the spectrum of a small business owner’s financial life, and helps businesses grow and thrive.



Canva is one of the best things I ever discovered, it’s the best graphic designing tool for people who are clueless about design like me. There are tons of design templates for logos, quotes and social media posts on the app, it almost completely eliminates the need for me to pay a graphic designer (apologies to all my graphic designer friends).

If you want the look of professionally designed graphics for your social media pages without the cost or the expertise? Canva will be your new best friend. Most of the templates are free and idiot proof, so anyone can use it, its super user friendly.


A Tribe

I’m always preaching about networking all the time, but it’s important to have a form of advisory board. This advisory board should comprise of business people that are ahead of you, on your level and upcoming, simply put, your advisory board should have someone you respect and admire, someone you consider your peer and someone that looks up to you. These three people would give you a well-rounded perspective, being that they would give different views because they are at different points in life which would be solid advice for you when you need it.


Tolani Thomas

Cheeky, but, I am here for all your business consulting needs. I write business, strategy and marketing plans. My strength is business development, so I analyse businesses from all angles with the aim of making sales and profit for businesses. It is imperative as a business to have a solid strategy for your business to thrive and surpass expectations. Shoot me an email at tolani@tolanithomas.com for consultations today.